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Mental Health Packs

Three Ways Community Association were recently successful with funding from Newry, Mourne and Down District Council through their financial assistance programme for suicide prevention.
This funding has made it feasible to put together wellbeing packs that will support the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of young people.
Packs consist of a USB with resources, journals, activities, positivity information, information on local charity and support for young people and links to local charities providing fundamental support to young people’s mental health. Packs will also include; 5 steps to wellbeing, colour book and pencils for ‘time out to destress’, a water bottle, a few treats because everyone deserves a treat, hygiene products for both males and females.
Available for young people aged 12+
A limited number of packs are available. If you are a young person or your a parent who believes your young person could benefit, please send us a message.
As ever, Three Ways Community Association will continue to support and invest in our young people’s mental health and a massive thank you to our local council for their assistance.

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