Three ways Community Association are elected on a yearly basis by the local community to be their voice and provide programmes, events and training that will compliment and achieve the overall aim of the association. We take great pride on advocating on our communities behalf at the many forums our members are associated with, this includes attending forums such as: Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership, NIHE and CRJ Policing Within the Community to name a few.  We at all times ensure we have the communities interests at heart and ensure we work on their behalf for the betterment of our community. We are proud of our community whom has stood with this community association over the years allowing us to provide for them.  With many local amenities in the area, we are a well equipped and welcoming community to anyone who becomes part of this community and with Three Ways Community Centre being the community hub we welcome everyone in with our open door policy.  Interested in getting involved? We are always looking for individuals to get involved, share experiences, and lend a hand with activists and events. Contact us directly for volunteering opportunities and together let’s continue to make our community one of the best. 

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